Venta de Apartamento DW4949 en Keklinn, Tallinn


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Precio : £150.000  (133.518€)
Referencia : DW4949 

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This is a developers UK test property and is not for sale.

The image shows the M51 Whirlpool Galaxy, also known as NGC 5194, is an interacting grand-design spiral galaxy with a Seyfert active nucleus in the constellation Canes Venatici. It is estimated to be 23 million light-years away and is one of the best known galaxies in the sky. The image was taken fom an observatory in Galera, Andalucia, Spain.

The image contains the objects catalogued as M51, NGC 5194, NGC 5195, IC4277, IC4278.


Número de dormitorios2Número de cuartos de baños1
Calificación energéticaGOrientación del alojamientoEste
Tipo de jardinNoVistasPanoramicas
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Energy Qualification Rating
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